Frequently Asked Questions About Miracle II Products



We have attempted to answer some of your questions about Miracle II products. If you have other questions, please call or use the contact us on the front page, and we will be happy to help you.

1. Do Miracle II products really work?

Miracle II products have been market tested by those who have purchased it for over 20 years as alternative health products. Anecdotal evidence abounds for everything from skin problems to insect bites/stings to cleaning clothes, dishes, etc. There are even reports and testimonies from customers who have experienced personal healing after using Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizer. M2 Marketing associates can personally attest to the healing capabilities of Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer on diaper rash, insect bites, poison ivy rash, itching from skin contact with fig "milk", and many others. Miracle II products work as natural remedies for many health problems.

2. How much of each Miracle II product should be used? 

Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer comes in concentrated form; specific uses dictate the strength to be used (e.g., bathing with Miracle II moisturizer soap only requires a few drops/squirts on a bath sponge /washcloth to achieve an abundance of soothing lather- enough for an adult's entire shower/bath).

3. How is the Miracle II Neutralizer used? 

Miracle II Liquid Neutralizer is more conveniently used from a spray bottle for even coverage and frugality. It should be allowed to air dry for best results. It brings soothing relief from skin irritations due to insect bites/stings, skin contact with poisonous plants, minor household burns, etc. The sooner the product is applied to the affected area, the better results one will experience.

4. Is anything in the Miracle II products harmful? 

To the best of our knowledge, there are no ill effects from the use of any Miracle II products. ALL INGREDIENTS USED IN EACH PRODUCT ARE ENTIRELY NATURAL. It is purported by its manufacturer to be the "only natural soap in the world." And, of course, the most important difference in Miracle II products and other similar soap products is that Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizers have the added benefit of the manufacturer's and distributors' prayers and faith that go into every bottle! When coupled with the buyers' own faith and prayer, Miracle II yields amazing results !

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