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"I got stung by a red wasp recently resulting in immediate swelling of my hand and intense redness and pain.  I got my Miracle 2 Soap and washed the area well then applied Miracle 2 Neutralizer Gel on it. The pain stopped within minutes! The swelling began to subside within half an hour, and by morning all signs of the wound were gone.  Thank God for Miracle 2; it truly was an "emergency room in a bottle for me this time."  SM, Louisiana

"I was picking blueberries in a friend's backyard.  My toddler got in a fire ant bed and was screaming!  My friend grabbed her up and ran in his house with her; I followed and watched him as he washed her feet, ankles, and lower legs with Miracle 2 Soap. Then he towel dried them and sprayed Miracle 2 Neutralizer on the bites (all the while she was crying and calling for Mama - I have to admit I was ready to rush her to the emergency room!).  Within a matter of minutes she stopped crying and wanted to go back and pick berries again.  I watched the red spots began to fade right away.  Before I put her to bed that night, I checked her feet and ankles expecting to see festering sores form the bites.  There were none there!  And, none ever appeared.  Needless to say, I have Miracle 2 on hand now in case this ever happens again.”  SB, Louisiana 

"Miracle II products have changed my life!  I have tried doctors, medicines, creams, etc., all my adult life to clear my skin. Nothing worked until I found Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer.  I have been using the combination for about three years now, and I have never had nicer skin - free from the ugly outbreaks and embarrassment of them.  I would not be without Miracle II - ever! " CD, Sweden 

"I went through my teenage  years with constant skin issues - especially on my face.  My parents took me to doctors and spent a lot of money on treatments that didn't work.  My grandmother found out about Miracle 2 products and sent them to me.  I couldn't believe the difference the soap and neutralizer made! I survived the teenage years and the embarrassment of my ugly skin, and I still use Miracle 2 for any skin outbreaks as an adult - and I'm a registered pharmacist! These are absolutely the best alternative health products around! DH, Louisiana

"All my life I had ugly red bumps on the backs of both arms just like my grandfather and mother.  Since using Miracle 2 those have disappeared. I can now wear sleeveless dresses and tops without being embarrassed."  DG, Texas


"I have had very dry skin all my life.  I met a man about 19 years ago who gave me a bottle of Miracle 2 Soap with moisturizer in it to try.  It was amazing!!  I have used the Miracle 2 Moisturizing Soap for all personal grooming since that first bottle.  There is no need for conditioner after my shampoo; the moisturizer in the soap works better than a hair conditioner and does not make my hair oily.  Thank you Miracle 2 !!"  JA, California

"I have arthritis in most of my joints, but my hands are especially painful after a day at the office doing computer data entry and documentation.  The doctor prescribed pain medication, but it doesn't seem to help much; plus, I really don't like taking it.  A friend asked me to try the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel.  I rub it in like skin lotion and continue to rub it in until it is absorbed and air dries.  Within minutes the paid goes away and I can rest comfortably all night without arthritis pain."  JAM, South Dakota

"We would not be without Miracle II Soap, Neutralizer, and Skin Lotion at our house.  The soap never leaves a film or residue in the sink or tub.  We take about two teaspoons of Neutralizer each day in our orange juice or coffee to prevent acid reflux; it works better than any antacid or medication we used to take.  The Skin Lotion is not greasy and totally absorbs  into my skin leaving a silky and smooth feeling that I love.  We thank God for finding Miracle II!"  D and BH, North Carolina 


"We had tried every product and medicine on the market for my husband's psoriasis to no avail.  We met the McDonalds at a trade show in New Orleans, LA several years ago. and they gave us Miracle 2 Soap and Neutralizer to try.  Mr. McDonald told my husband to bathe with the soap and towel dry and then spray the Neutralizer on his psoriasis allowing it to air dry before getting dressed.  He did this for three nights after leaving the trade show.  On the third day, the psoriasis was much improved. By the fourth day, his skin was pink instead of red, the itching was gone, and the ugly redness was fading!!  We have continued to use the Miracle 2 products any time the psoriasis starts to show up. and within a short time it goes away.  We are so thankful for Miracle 2."  JS, Mississippi

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Miracle II Customer Testimonials

Miracle II Customer Testimonials

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